It’s Not Too Late

I am so engrossed in my work of making very fine jewelry that I think I may be missing out on some of life’s most basic pleasures. I already have a house, but I am all alone in it, save for frequent visits of friends and family alike. I do not worry about money anymore, with my jewelry business booming, I am stable enough as it is. It is just that I have that certain feeling that I am missing something in my life that has been worrying me lately.

No, I am not afraid of ghosts and that’s not what has been bothering me. Yes my house is big and pretty spacious, and I am the only one who lives in it, but it’s not that. It is just that I am afraid that I cannot see what I would become a few years down the road. I can’t see myself being with someone, perhaps making a family of my own, with my very own children to boot. I can’t see that and that makes me afraid.

Yes, I love my business and I am enjoying myself with all the work that comes with it. I am not contemplating of stopping it anytime soon, in fact I am planning on expanding it to something much more bigger in the near future. I don’t have any worries to think about besides that nagging feeling that there is something that’s been missing in my life, and it is keeping me wide awake most nights.

I will admit that I am feeling particularly lonely these days and would really love to have a chance to change that. How I wished to have children of my own and have all my problems come from them instead of coming from anywhere else. I would relish worrying over newborn diarrhea, constipation in newborn babies, incessant crying, and other baby problems, as long as I do have a baby that I can call my own.

But that apparently, is a thing that cannot be rushed, even when I am all for it, as I do not still have any husband to speak of. I have a non-existent love life and I am already growing as we speak. Maybe I have immersed myself too deep in my work that I didn’t notice that everything is slowly passing me by.

Is it my destiny to grow old by myself? I really hope not. I also can’t really believe that this is happening as I can still remember me thinking and wishing for a big family of my own back when I was still young. I like to live with many noisy and lively kids around me without any dull times in between.

It is my dream of having a large family but fate seems to want something else for me. Now here I am all by myself in a big house without anyone to share it with. I only hope it is not yet too late for me to fulfill my dreams. I will start doing something about it.

Is Fish Oil Good for Dogs

Among my friends and customers, many of them are pet lovers. Some have cats while others have dogs. When pet lovers bump into each other, you will really hear an interesting conversation about pets. Can dogs eat bananas? How about ice cream? Some dog owners are just not sure if certain foods are fine for their pets or not.

But my curiosity was awakened when I heard something about fish oil for dogs. I thought that fish oil is just for human consumption. I later found out that fish oil is also good for dogs. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most important supplements for these animals, regardless of breed.

fish oil

Fish oil contains DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids which provide a wide range of benefits for dogs. These fatty acids promote better appearance of coat and skin, reduce inflammation and lower the risk of developing allergies, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. DHA and EPA can also help regulate the immune system of your pet. They can calm an overactive immune system and boost suppressed immune systems. Older dogs can also benefit from fish oil because it can help improve their cognitive functions. For pregnant people, fish oil can aid in the mental development of their unborn puppies. Fish oil is also known to help lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and weight loss, increase stamina, and improve the immune system, among others.

After giving your dog fish oil, you may not immediately notice its impact to the overall health of your pet. Normally it will take weeks before any health improvement becomes noticeable. Among the initial improvements that you may notice are reduced itchy skin, reduced anxiety, improved digestion and bowel movement, and ease of movement for dogs with arthritis. If there are no noticeable improvements after three weeks, try doubling the dosage.

To know how much dosage of EPA and DHA to give to your dog, the general rule is to multiply its weight in pounds by 20. For instance, if your dog weighs 20 pounds, multiply that by 20 to get 400. This means that the ideal dosage for your dog is 400 mg of EPA and DHA. You can then use that as basis for how much fish oil to give to your dog. Fish oil generally has no serious danger of overdose but your dog may experience diarrhea. If it happens, just lower the dosage of fish oil. However, it must be noted that for cases of overdose, some dogs tend to have increased bleeding.

Fish oil is available in capsule and liquid form. An important caution when handling liquid fish oil is to keep it from direct exposure to light, air and heat. The oil should be stored in dark bottles inside the refrigerator. It must also be consumed within two months or earlier as they tend to become rancid over a period of time. Smell the oil first before giving to your dog. If it already has an off odor, discard it and don’t give it to your pet.

Fish oil may be beneficial for your dog. But it is still important to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any regular supplement that may impact its health.


Tips to Get Over Someone after a Breakup

heartbreakWho would ever want to experience relationship breakups? I don’t like breakups. I think it will cause me to lose my concentration on my work and lose my motivation to go on with life. One of my friends broke-up with her boyfriend just recently and I saw how emotionally hard it was for her. I know she has been crying for days and has lacked the motivation to go out with any of her friends including me.

Most of us do not want to experience a relationship breakup. It can be hard on both parties. No matter who caused it or what caused it, it can cause pain to the people involved. And what’s more, getting over someone after a breakup can be one of the hardest things to do. It is said to be even more difficult than controlling boyfriend or girlfriend. For some people, it could take years before they can totally recover from the breakup and finally get over the person they were involved in.

But there are tips that can help you on how to get over someone after a breakup. First in your agenda is to let it out or cry with your most trusted friend. You have to let go of your feelings, and crying is one of the ways to do it. You can do it over and over again for several days until you completely feel a sense of relief.

After the initial outburst of feelings, the next thing to do is to keep your space. Even if you have settled amicably like deciding to remain friends, be sure to keep your distance. That means no phone calls, emails, chats or text messages with your ex. And as much as possible, avoid instances that will let you see each other. This is not permanent though. You could do this until you are already comfortable talking or seeing each other.

It is important that you should deal with the emotional pain properly. The key to doing it is to accept that the relationship is already over. There should be no more blaming but instead, accept that whatever happened has happened and has just been part of your life. You can have your family or friends as your support group. Talk to them whenever you feel down or depressed. Don’t take it all upon yourself. Being surrounded with people who really matter to you oftentimes can help get over with problems including breakups.

Additionally, slowly remove any memory triggers among your belongings. Burn those love letters and give away the stuff toys and other material things that you might have received from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Get rid of whatever object that reminds you of him or her. It will also help if you engage in new activities or hobbies. For instance, you could enroll in yoga class or a dance class, or do crafts and other things that can keep you busy during your free time.

It may be hard to get over someone after a relationship breakup but it is doable. The tips I mentioned here can really help you. And these are the same tips I gave to my friend.