Comes with the Job

I am always working with very small materials in my custom jewelry business that I am afraid of having arthritis in fingers anytime soon. I really hope that that could be avoided somehow, as I cannot see myself leaving my homegrown business just because of “what ifs”. Well I am certainly taking careful precautions for it and I just hope and pray that it will not come to that.

It cannot really be avoided as the nature of my crafts involves putting together any number of small beads, small metal fixtures, thin metal wires, and what have you’s together to form a piece that hopefully, the customers will like. You kind of wished to instead be dealing with easier and bigger materials, but that would not work, as who would really like to wear trinkets and bracelets that are big and heavy enough to hurt someone.

The tools I use are an entirely different problem on their own as they are like the miniature versions of common tools like the pliers, long noses, wire cutters, benders, and the like. The big ones are already hard to use as is, imagine using the much smaller versions of them and you can clearly see all the problems that I am having.

Again, it cannot be helped as they are the only proper tools to use in my line of work. I just wear thin gloves to somewhat protect me from them, but wearing gloves really limits the movements of your fingers, that you cannot work the way you wanted while wearing them. I usually end up frustrated with them and just remove them altogether.

My hands, well they are shot full of scratches, punctures, and wounds to last me two full lifetimes and my work is wholly to blame for it. Don’t ask about my fingernails either as I use them all the time with the jewelries that I am constantly making. Peeling fingernails, scratched and punctured fingernails, missing fingernails, name it and I probably have one of those at one time or another.

Well I really am at a lost about what to do with my problems. I can’t just stop doing what I love to do just because I have encountered “problems” doing it, right? I know there is a solution to every one of them and they are just out there somewhere, maybe I just have to look a little harder for them.

It really pays well, I’ll give it that, and it affords me many great things which are out of my league, when I am not making custom jewelries, and instead have a regular job. In fact I don’t consider it as a job anyhow as I love doing it and getting paid handsomely from doing what I love to do. Nothing beats that.

So what now? Well for one, I have got do to my research about protecting my hands from my job. Another thing that comes to mind is that I might be hiring someone, or a lot of someone, to do the job for me. Now that’s an idea worth pondering on.